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We are on a mission to make real-time data accessible and meaningful to people like you. We repeatedly experiment with new ideas on how to present such data, and rely on our visitors to give us feedback on what works best (and what really should go back to the drawing board). Here are some other projects we are working on that might be relevant to you. If you have an app idea that you’d like to entrust us with building, please send us your ideas in the form at the bottom of the page!

Barometric Pressure App

Understand the forecast and history of barometric pressure in your area to help manage your symptoms, predict the weather, or catch some fish!

Pollen Count App

Quickly visualize the local* pollen, mold, and air quality levels near you to help manage your symptoms and avoid hay fever. *Available for locations within the US.

Soil Temperature App

Providing an overview of the soil temperature and soil moisture wherever you are to help you decide when to plant your garden, lawn or crops.

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